Quality Policy and Requirements

FALCK-SCHMIDT Corp. Quality Policy;

  1. On very level the organization strive for perfection while also accepting that failures and errors are an unavoidable part of daily business and the ability to share the knowledge and learn from such errors and failure will constantly improve our ability to run, expand and conduct profitable business.
  2. O-failure – at the customer level is a constant goal – nothing less is good enough. This commitment includes;
    1. Efficient and profitable business and program conduction
    2. Meeting schedule, technical and performance requirements
    3. Statutory compliance
    4. Meeting 0-failure goal/strategy
  3. A constant review process is in place;
    1. Yearly review/audit of the QMS functionality and efficiency, including but not limited to a review of the purpose and context of the organization to meet the strategic direction.
    2. Material Review Board function to cope with any type of error weather organizational, product and/or support related.

For our co-operation with Suppliers the following requirements applies as called out in the individual Purchase orders, Contracts etc.